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Not just another blog, but a blog created by a former professional and ballet teacher! That is why I call it “Ballet Teacher Blog”!

The Accidental Artist Ballet Teacher Blog is a place to share ideas and tips about classical ballet.

Accidental Artist Ballet Teacher Blog
Sarah Arnold
  • The Accidental Artist Ballet Teacher Blog is dedicated to all the teachers who taught me, all the students that I have taught, teach and will teach. Teaching is a continual learning process for teacher and student and a hand in hand process. Through sharing, ballet is continually evolving each generation.
  • I have realized that passion for ballet spans all generations. Whether I am teaching a ten year old or sixty year old, there is the same spark and passion in their eyes.
  • This continues to inspire me and keeps us all interconnected!
  • To learn more about my experience and  background, please check out the “About Me” page.




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New ballet tips are shared often in my blog posts which are similar to a mini ballet lesson! Most of the time, I will create a complimentary video to accompany the post. I encourage you to comment on any post and  I will personally answer your questions. As always, I welcome  your suggestions. Keep in touch on Instagram with the hashtag #ballet tips!


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are the creation of Beginning Ballet Class videos, Intermediate Pointe Class video, “Jump Higher” video and as always, ballet conditioning classes.


Coming soon is the addition of published paperback book for sale. Last summer (2016) was the creation of “Get Strong & Beautiful Ballet Feet” as an e-book only. Soon it will be available from Amazon as a paperback with additional chapters! I am excited to share this with you too.

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The Accidental Artist Ballet Teacher Blog is a place to share ideas and helpful tips about classical ballet.