Want stronger ankles? Watch this ankle strength video

I call this the “mother of all theraband” exercises

This ankle strength video exercise was the first one that l learned back in 1980! I was dancing professionally then and developed an injury after a holiday break. Part of my therapy was this exercise that I still do today.

Check out my ankle strength video below

Whenever I need to strengthen the lateral support of my hyper mobile ankles, I reinstate this exercise to my routine immediately.

It is that reliable and efficient!

There is one big reason that you need to strengthen the muscles surrounding your ankles~ TURNOUT

When you begin to work on increasing your turnout, even just  a bit; you challenge your foot placement and strength.  This exercise is beneficial because it works the foot in not only an “evert” position (turnout) but also “invert” pose. This will bring balance to your stance.

It can assist in maintaining your stance which is basically your turnout, by limiting pronation (rolling in ) and supinating (rolling out). These two unfortunate habits can be done on flat, 3/4 pointe, pointe, with the gesture leg or while jumping!


Do three sets of 8-10 in each direction on each foot. I recommend doing this exercise four days per week. Watch the exercise on my  VIDEO

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Ankle strength video

As part of my Four Week Ballet Habit Challenge for changing my ballet habits, this is on my calendar! (You can download a free challenge schedule from the Four Week Ballet link).

Along with my other foot exercises, this helps my pronation immensely which improves my tendinitis.

Step by step ankle strength exercise

Don’t be a victim~ be in charge of your dance health 🙂

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