Want better turnout?

“Turnout” is a bit of a buzz word around ballet studios.

You have it or you don’t. Sometimes I wonder if other people even get it?

There are some exercises you can do to enhance your turnout. I prefer to use strengthening exercises for all  and any age. The benefit of these two exercises is that they follow my criteria for acceptance into my routine 🙂

Criteria #1: easy to comprehend

Criteria #2: noticeable improvement

While these are not stretches for better rotation, they are safe as well for all ages and body types. The problem with turnout for most people is there is a tendency to “cheat”. This may be on purpose or by accident.

When you stand on the floor, you can twist and torque your knees and ankles very easily by twisting your feet backwards. Not a good idea at all.

Long sleeved black lace leotard
Checking rotation in sous-sus

My turnout exercise is completely honest

On to the one leg exercise. This one is a bit more challenging and beneficial for the “standing” leg which is represented by the parallel bent leg. Think about the challenge of cambre front in tendu devant (front) in plie. It is hard to keep the hips square, right? This is a similar challenge.

For both exercises #1 & 2:

Keep the hips square as the top leg rotates in and out for six counts, relax 7 and 8.  Repeat four times with feet pointed and flexed.

Enjoy and please comment, share and let me know what you think!

I hope it brings you “better turnout”!

Ballet teacher and student
Turnout from the hip

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