How to overcome your dance plateau and improve quickly!

How to improve when you are discouraged

Don't be blinded by your dance plateau!
Don’t be blinded by your dance plateau!

Every dancer and dance teacher reaches disappointing plateaus in their life. We can all get stale and wonder “Why am I no longer inspired?” and feel discouraged. A plateau can blind you from visualizing success if you do not see beyond it!

Signs of discouragement:

  • defeated by challenges
  • stagnation
  • unmotivated
  • bored
  • other priorities,  (adults family/jobs) pull at your time commitment
  • for kids~school demands challenge your energy & organization
  • comparing to others in a negative manner
  • injury setback
  • afraid to take risks
  • wanting to skip class

Guess what? This is a normal rite of passage for any dancer. Learn to push through with a few of my ideas. Who knows? By the end of this post, you may find your own solutions!

Push beyond your dance plateau

Find inspiration

To be an artist, you need to keep yourself inspired. Here are some ideas:

Listen to new music. Any style of music that feels fresh. Try an improv to the music. Get your body moving and remember why it gives you joy.

Go to the museums and appreciate the vision and art through time. Realize that art is timeless and as a dancer, you are the art!

Observe the beauty in the natural world. Pavlova loved her swans and surely, they inspired her movement.

dance plateau
Get outdoors!

Hike to the top of a mountain.  Observe the view. visit the ocean and observe the distant horizon. Put your aspirations in perspective. Sometimes dancers overthink their issues. (Perfectionism is a well-known trait of dancers!)

Doodle. Get a coloring book.

Read books about famous dancers and their lives. This can inspire you and will show you that all talented people struggle.

Misty Copeland has been an incredible inspiration to many dancers~


Do not compare yourselves to others

Watch people in class and learn from them. Observe what is good and what is not. Both observations are learning tools. Believe me, you can always find someone who  is a better dancer than you in some element. Use that as a tool to guide you, not defeat you.

Also remember that you have unique qualities that others do not have. You own these, flaunt them and let them empower you.

Basically, we filter information through our emotional brains.

Fuel with the positive, not the negative.

It takes practice to think this way but well worth the effort.

It is called proactive.

Once you get out of your negative or lackluster mental space, take your new attitude and get going!

Ideas to move forward.  

dance plateau
Bright ideas!

Stay with your ballet teacher if they are helping you improve but try a different class for fun. Try a contemporary class, a yoga class or jazz. Seeing yourself in a new light can be liberating! Challenges will definitely give you a push to explore and grow. Maybe you are good at those dance forms too. Perhaps they will bring dynamics to your ballet training.


Set goals for yourself and be methodical. See my post on Ballet Assessment Quiz– How to improve on your own!

If you pinpoint some areas that you wish to improve, it empowers YOU to take charge!

My next post will include a prebarre warm-up video that you can follow to help improve your barre.

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Push beyond your dance plateau and improve!  Don't let it blind you. Get beyond it and become a better dancer.Click on image and find out to improve and move past it :)

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