Beginning Pointe Class Video


The class is demonstrated by an advanced ballet dancer. Most of the combinations do not require much space so that you can practice on your own. beginning pointe

Certain times of the year ballet dancers and students need new ideas and approaches to their technique.  I hope you find this class refreshing and helpful!



Beginning Pointe Class 

beginning pointe class



This video is the for dancers with experience in classical ballet.

If you need help with your pointe work, this beginning pointe video is a great place to start! I take you through the basics of each type of rise en pointe such as:

  • warm-up
  • relevés on two feet
  • sous-sus
  • rolling down with straight knees and with plié
  • weight transfer
  • piqué
  • glissade sur les pointes
  • boureés
  • échappés in seconde and quatrième
  • soutenu
  • pas marché
  • walks on pointe across the floor
  • degagés en pointe across the floor

I also recommend this video for beginning pointe teachers as a teaching aid.

If you wish to take this as a course, I recommend the following videos:

Ballet class

A ballet class video allows you to watch and review at your own speed. This allows you to digest the details and build strength.  Each exercise is repeated twice.

Use it not only for improving your technique, reviewing your classwork or basics. Of course, training at home can help you get in shape or maintain technique. Be sure you take regular classes at a studio alongside these videos.

True convenience~ you can do this at your own pace at home or at the studio! Class at your fingertips and you can improve at your own rate.

Another consideration could be finances. Perhaps you are between jobs or on a tight budget. Following this class is like taking a private lesson which can be expensive!


Beginning Pointe video. It is a thorough introduction for novices and includes tips for any level who wish to refine their pointe technique. Click on image to purchase this video! #pointe #ballet