The Ballet Toolbox Beginning Ballet Video Program

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Ballet Video Program



ballet video program

 What’s included in

The Beginning Ballet Video Program

Ballet video Program


What can you expect from ballet video programs?

  • Learn the “How & Why” of ballet technique.
  • Not just another class that you follow online.
  • A class that provides valuable information to improve.
  • A resource that can be watched over & over again!
  • Need more detail? Check out the ballet video programs page.

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Ballet video program cost

Nationwide, studio ballet class prices run from $16-20 and private coaching is much higher per hour.

Each program includes more than 7 components including specific videos for your level, multiple checklists, my ballet foot e-book and conditioning workouts. The cost per program is $150. I am offering it for $125 as an introductory price.

Ballet Toolbox
Dance Quote digital print included.

I recommend repeating each ballet class at least six times before progressing onto another class. The course includes online assistance as I will answer your technique questions via e-mail which you will receive upon purchase!

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“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I swear, your students are so lucky you chose to be a ballet dancer and ultimately a teacher because the things they learn from you are invaluable. Even if you stopped tomorrow (please don’t), what we all learn from you is beneficial forever. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful and knowledgeable person with a real gift for explaining things.”

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