Beginning Ballet Class Center 1 Video


The class is demonstrated by a professional dancer. Most of the combinations do not require much space so that you can practice at home.

five positions of ballet
The ABC’s of Beginning Ballet

Certain times of the year ballet dancers and students need new ideas and approaches to their technique.  I hope you find this class refreshing and helpful!

Steps and tips covered in this center floor video:

  • Ballet tips about hyperextension, sickled feet, stage and studio directions.ballet class
  • Tendus in center with weight transfer
  • Adage with promenade in retiré, cambré forward and back
  • Stage and studio directions with spring points
  • Polonaise en face, en diagonale. Adding port de bras
  • Relevé
  • Mime sequence from Swan Lake
  • Upper back conditioning exercises
  • Port de bras and core exercise
Ballet Book

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Beginning Ballet Class Center Floor 1 

Beginning Ballet Video



This is the center work of Beginning Ballet Class 1.

Continue your Beginning Ballet Class 1 with the Center Floor video. It is a thorough introduction for novices and includes tips for any level who wish to refine their technique. I also recommend this set for Beginning Ballet teachers as a teaching aid.

Continue the basic training from the barre into the center floor combinations. I have included some helpful tips about hyperextension, sickled feet, stage and studio directions and a special mime sequence from “Swan Lake’! Join me as I guide a professional dancer through this beginning level class.

Please note that each class should be done a minimum of 4-6 times before advancing to the next video Ballet Class 2.

If you wish to take this as a course, I recommend the following videos:

Ballet class

A ballet class video allows you to watch and review at your own speed. This allows you to digest the details and build strength.  Each exercise is repeated twice.

Designed for the beginning ballet student, it can be done in part and build up to the full class. The center class is a separate video. Add it after you have worked on the barre first.

Use it not only for improving your technique but also to get in shape or maintain technique.

True convenience~ you can do this at your own pace at home or at the studio! Class at your fingertips and you can improve at your own rate.

Another consideration could be finances. Perhaps you are between jobs or on a tight budget. Following this class is like taking a private lesson which can be expensive!