Ballet Conditioning for Feet. My Easy to Get, Easy to Do. Series #2

 Easy to Do Ballet Conditioning Exercises for Feet

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Ballet Conditioning for Feet

Series #2 Foot stretch and strength

Here is my favorite  ballet conditioning exercise for the feet. It is easy to do and easy to “get” ~as in comprehension. More importantly, it creates strength and awareness in the intrinsic muscles of your feet. This brings stability to your stance and helps prevent overuse of incorrect muscles.

Doming the arch

Ballet Conditioning for Feet
Foot at rest


Ballet Conditioning for Feet
Foot at rest overhead. Toes are flat and relaxed.
Ballet Conditioning for Feet
“Doming” the arch




Ballet Conditioning for Feet
Toes press into the floor, do not scrunch






Remember that “gather the towel” exercise to strengthen your toes? The doming exercise is preferred now over the towel exercise so that the dancer does not develop a habit of scrunching the toes.

Doming steps:

  • Sit on floor and watch carefully while making sure that your doming technique is correct.
  • You can slip your hand under your arch to feel the arch lift up and away from your hand if your arches are not very high or developed.
  • Make sure your foot weight stays evenly distributed and does roll inward or outward.

Eventually you will be able to do this without the tendon at the front of the ankle popping up! Note that you do not want this tendon ever straining plie or any stance.

If you scrunch your toes, you will not learn to lengthen and point them correctly. This could spell “di-sas-ter” in pointe shoes! Not only could your toes be “knuckling” in your shoes, but you will more easily develop blisters.


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If your arch feels very tight, roll it around on a tennis ball first to aid in this exercise.

This exercise is very strengthening and a must-do! If you are strong and aware of your foot position, you are less prone to injury.

Ballet Conditioning
Ballet Conditioning

Series #1Ballet Conditioning  for Feet

Coming soon~ “Toe Swapping”!

Big toe swapping
Big toe swapping






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