Mini workout for dancers when you don’t have time! Hamstring, glute, arm, core workout.

When you don’t have time

Here is a mini workout for dancers for when you don’t have time for a full “workout”. Segment this basic routine into components on different days.
This way you will hit all your objectives for increasing strength for ballet classes. Let’s face it, time is a precious commodity and sometimes we either mismanage it or just don’t have enough of it.

mini workout for dancers

Mini workout for dancers from home

One of the main problems for adult dancers is that they don’t have time to get to ballet class regularly. What if you had a workout routine you could do at home, at the gym or a few minutes after class? I think a simple routine at home is most likely the best solution.

In fact, I even have students that don’t have time between school, ballet classes and homework. Obviously these mini workouts must efficient and perhaps just a teensy bit fun?

Here is one that I did after class the other day. I can also do this at home as well and so can you! Enjoy.

You will need these items:

  1. a long theraband
  2. a large exercise ball.

You will start to see this extra long theraband often in my posts and videos. I cut 12′ piece and use it for quite a few ballet conditioning exercises. This is the theraband that I purchased for $13.81, I recommend a medium strength and cut to length.*

Sets (video at the end of the page):

I am not specifying the amount of reps or sets. I leave this up to you and please realize that I cannot see you or know your fitness level. Usually I do as many sets as I can until I fatigue and then I begin to count from there. This establishes my baseline from which I can build.

If you are not at a ballet studio, you can tie your band to a door knob or even a sliding glass door workout for dancers

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Outline for video:

  • Ball: hamstring & glute workout.~ Keep feet flexed, hips up and pull ball towards you. Stabilize your core or your feet will fall off! Check often that your hips have not lowered. You will feel the burn in your hamstrings and your front extensions and jumps will improve ūüôā
  • Dynamic core~ pressing ball with palms of your hand to strengthen upper back (lats and trapezius). Keep shoulder blades apart just like your port de bras position. Initiate movement from the waist while keeping pelvis stable and legs still. Obliques will be working as you twist side to side. It is essential to use your core to develop strength and protect your spine.
  • Attach a 12′ long theraband (green is a medium resistance) to the barre. Repeat the same movement and stance as the ball core exercise. This movement is more of a zig zag pattern about 4-5 times going up and down.
  • Rotator cuff and deltoid: it is helpful to add a rolled towel to keep the shoulder and elbow at same width and alignment. This will help your port de bras stamina, for example in a long adage. It also adds a nice tone to the upper arm. See video.
  • Triceps press or kick-back: Face the barre, keep your wrist stable and do not allow it to twist. If it feels too difficult, step in closer to the barre. ¬†See video.
  • Fondu relev√© devant and retir√© balance with theraband resistance. Self-explanatory. See workout for dancers
  • mini workout for dancers
  • Bicep curl with the theraband facing the barre.
  • Lat pull-down with theraband.
  • Sitting port de bras, arm stretch, thoraic spine elongation and cambr√©.

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4 thoughts on “Mini workout for dancers when you don’t have time! Hamstring, glute, arm, core workout.

  1. Dear Sarah – I am so glad I stumbled on your site. I was a dancer, later a teacher/studio owner/choreographer and finally the Artistic Director of Irish National Youth Ballet. When moving to Paris, France affter working in the ballet world for 35 years I decided to take up Pilates and teach it after a “traning”. I love your videos, they keep me in touch with ballet movements and i incorporate some of them into my Barre au Sol programme. It’s a great retirement job and It will keep me in dancing/moving forever. Take courage all senior dancers, no need to hang up your tights, you will always have an audience/clients and you and them will keep in the best of health.
    Happy port de bras to you,

  2. Hi Anne~I am thrilled that you wrote to me as I used to dance with Katherine Lewis who is now the INYB Director! It seems that we have a similar life path and TG, we both love it.
    Is Barre au Sol a floor barre program? I would to hear more about it. Is there a site your could steer me to?
    It is very special to me that you stopped by for a visit. I agree that any age can start or keep dancing! There are so many resources available to all of us than years ago. Very inspiring! Please keep in touch Anne.
    A bien t√īt!

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