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Why not dance like everyone is watching? The Accidental Artist private Facebook
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Here & our private Facebook group…

I love this idea so we can communicate, share and inspire each other. If you are an Accidental Artist Member, then you should have received your invite. If you would like to join and not a Member, please just sign up for our Community Newsletter and receive a lot of benefits such as this group!

private Facebook group
Private Facebook Page

Purpose of a private Facebook group

The purpose of the private page will be to open conversation up between all of us in a more private environment than my public Facebook page and here!

I will be checking in every day to help you out in your ballet journey, whether you are returning to ballet, are a ballet parent, ballet teacher or any level ballet student!

  • Friendship: introductions. Hey, the dance world is small, you might reconnect with a dance friend or make a new one.
  • Ideas: It is a place that I can gather input from you about what topics you would to see on my site. Learn from each other.
  • Inspiration and direction
  • Education: Do you want ballet technique tutorials, ballet conditioning, beginning pointe work, e-books, online ballet classes, advice for dancers or …. the sky is the limit!
  • Personal but private: You can share concerns, stories, ask for advice.

I sincerely hope this will be helpful. I appreciate you so much!!