Pointe work practice at home!

How to practice pointe work at home safely!

Checklist for pointe work practice at home
Checklist for home practice

Pointe work at home

Recently I wrote a post about not practicing at home. In general, most ballet teachers prefer that students practice under their supervision. It is easy to create a ineffective habit and hard to lose it. There is also potential for injury.

I know that this opinion could be controversial, but the responses that I received were all very positive! Here are some suggestions of what you can do at home that actually WILL be helpful.

Enjoy~ Sarah

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Proprioception exercises with pointe shoes on:     

pointe work at home
How to practice pointe at home

1. Stand in 6th position (both feet parallel) and check that your transverse

abdominus muscles are on (lower deep abs), your knees are pulled up,

arches activated and ankles & pelvis in neutral. Hold 15 seconds and

repeat for a total of three sets.

2. Turn out in first position and repeat. Hold 15 seconds and repeat for a

total of three sets.

3. Repeat exercise 1 & 2 with your eyes closed to increase your internal

sense of alignment and balance!

Around the house!

  • • Walk around your house to break in your shoes. Keep your head aligned
  • and look ahead. Pay special to not roll in or out as you walk.
  • • Pas marché (ballet stage walk) around your house, pointing your feet and
  • carefully rolling through each ball of the foot.
  • Feel the transitions more than looking at your feet.
  • Pointe work
    Pointe exercises coming soon!
    1. At the studio:

      Ask your teacher if you can stay after class and work a bit at the barre. Ask your teacher for suggestions for exercises to do at the studio that might help you. Here is a suggested sequence for a pointe warm-up from my YouTube channel.


      Follow my YouTube channel for strengthening exercises for all areas of the body to help with your ballet training. Click here for one of my videos that you could do safely at home to stretch your feet.

      Pointe encompasses strength in every area of the body! So any extra work at home will enhance your ballet technique.
      All Accidental Artist Members receive the free download link for my e-book “Dancer’s Guide to Strong & Beautiful Feet”. Or it  can be purchased on Amazon.com.

    I have dozens of exercises to improve your ballet feet in this free book!

    Do you like ballet floor barres? I have two new ones designed just for my followers. I incorporated stretches, strengtheners and helpful hints. You check out my post on Video # 1 & 2– here! Or you want to view a short clip, take a peek at #2 🙂

    Ballet Floor Barre Video #2 includes some yoga for dancers
    Ballet Floor Barre Video #2
    includes some yoga for dancers

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