Four Week Ballet Habit~ improve your ballet technique!

 Ballet Habit is born
Four Week Ballet Habit is born

Create a new ballet habit now! 


A four week ballet habit is something manageable. Often when I have a break from my routine, I gain perspective on what needs to change in my life. For about six weeks, I have had this nagging thought that I need to get a ballet conditioning routine going!

Four Week Ballet Habit is born

Although I am a full time ballet teacher, I love to take class when I can. I design conditioning routines for my private lessons but rarely have time to do my own.


I am  guilty of not using my time efficiently. Excuses. That is the real culprit! Anyone else?

About six weeks ago, I decided that it was time to make a  conditioning calendar for 30 days.

Why 30 days? Floral_Stem_Filled

It is often said that it takes a month to create a habit.

Plus I don’t want to over commit to someone else’s Challenge and fail….. It is best to succeed and make the change long term.

Habits should be long term if done well 🙂 The percentage for failure for a workout goal is extremely low. Be realistic, make your goals and approach manageable. I will not commit to this schedule for 3 or 6 months, but I will do it for one month.

The truth is that if I create a HABIT, I don’t have to try as hard as long term schedule. (The sneaky approach!) Fool yourself. The habit will take over.

If you take class regularly at a studio, you already have a schedule and a commitment. If you have been missing classes, you can now track your attendance and become more consistent.

You need to add cross-training in order to improve your technique. Add in some 20-30 minute time segments on the off days.  Be sure to also throw in some  specific conditioning on your class days as well.

Closed_Rose_FilledBallet conditioning exercises will improve and complement your ballet technique. Your 30 day challenge may even include a cardio routine if your goal is to build endurance for allegro!

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My personal routine will include foot and ankle strengthening, core work, strengthening ing arms and upper back, committing to a pre-class warm-up for easier rotation and my new split stretch at every class.

Jot down your ideas, put them on the calendar  and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you check off the days! By the end of the month, you will have a new habit, pride in your improvement and renewed zeal for your dancing!




Remember my post about goal setting? If you have been writing them down, you just have a very good idea about your direction. Take that goal and write down your action steps. For example , today I asked one of my students what her current goal might be.

She replied “16 fouettes to the left.”

To accomplish this, I would

  • do 24 releves on one leg 4-5 days per week
  • work on the coordination action of the leg with one hand on the barre
  • do 35 clamshells 3-4 days per week or with a theraband 25
  • core exercises
  • hold light weights or soup cans as you perform the same port de bras sequence as a fouette turn
  • practice fouette turns from a la seconde (Russian style) and later, front and side (American style). Fouettes are  based on strength and coordination.
  • If you have any comments, please ask away below!

Four Week Ballet Habit Challenge Chart
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Ballet Habit Challenge
Four Week Ballet Habit


If you are not  a dancer and want to improve your technique in another endeavor, just apply the same principles. I know several “Ballet Moms” who play tennis, run, do yoga, Pilates or workout at the gym. Make a calendar for yourself and do the  Four Week (Ballet) Habit with your dancer. It could be a great co-activity!

Four Week Ballet Habit Challenge
Four Week Ballet Habit Challenge

Free download printables for your notes and goals

I hope that any age dancer will try this with me. Remember that accountability and community support creates a bigger success!

Knowing that someone out there is wondering how you are doing and cheering you on can be a powerful motivator. Merde everyone! Four Week Ballet Habit is born

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Four Week Ballet Habit . Make changes in your ballet technique in just 30 days.  Click on image to get started :)

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