First Steps of Your Home Workout for Dancers!

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Create A Home Workout

Creating a home workout is one of my most compelling year-round goals. If I can put together an effective 30- 45 minute routine that hits all target areas of stretch or strength, my world will be happier!

Organization Creates Success

I have just read a book called “18 Minutes” which is another book about managing your time and being productive. It has given some ideas not only about managing my time but helped me discern my yearly goals.

Basically, my creative personality resists schedules and timelines.  But overwhelm and frustration set in very soon, because there is no plan for my workload. I see the “big picture” all the time and not the segments that can be bitten off, chewed and checked off the list. Do you have those same frustrations and distractions?

Now like most dance teachers, I am facing my yearly duty of choreographing for the spring show. It is time to get organized!

Top Priority

My top priority as a ballet teacher is to maintain a measure of strength and flexibility in order to teach my classes well. As a person now in her sixties, my concern is to age without injury or pain. Teaching ballet does not keep me in shape. All ballet teachers know this but our non-dancer friends do not! Ballet teachers have performed repetitive movements for years which can create overuse injuries if we are not diligent with our self-care.

I will also ask students what their goals are. I am their partner in the journey of progress, In order to help them, I need to know. Practice vocalizing your goals and write them down!

Goals may be undefined at first

One student’s goals and approach As you can see, she was a bit uncertain. But after further reflection, this dancer told me that she is frustrated about her fifth position. I took a look at it and realized that she was not rotating from the knee down. In other words, she needed to create a connection between her hips, inner thighs and lower leg. I find that the sartorius is the best muscle for the job!

Here is a helpful exercise for you if it is one of your goals too.

Sartorius assists your rotation video.

A ballet workout at home means preparation beforehand. Planning will be a large part of your success. How do you do that? Four Week Ballet Habit Challenge


That’s what I’m going to share with you now.  Be excited– we are going to get to the planning stage which means reaching your goals this year!

Create An Efficient and Effective Home Workout

Chart down your goals by using my Big Goal Map. From there you will divide these goals into six sections. In your goal sections, you can include personal goals and me- time as well!

Pick how many goals are ballet-oriented and chart those out next. You will need to decide how many days per week that you wish to implement your routine.

Map your goals! Learn how to chart your goals easily to improve. Click on pic to find out how and get a free printable.Big Goal Mapping! Learn how to chart your goals easily to improve. Click on pic to find out how and get a free printable.
Map your goals!

Often people set an earnest New Year goal but have no plan. The plan is crucial. We must set a timeline. In another post, I mentioned that you MUST keep your schedule for a minimum of 30 days in order to create a habit. I love this fact.

In another post, I mention Edward Watson’s 15-minute flexibility routine that he does every day. We think 15 minutes won’t make any difference but we also know, (don’t tell anyone!), that it does! Most of the time, I just forget because I have not developed a habit yet.

Home workout
Dancers and teachers do supplemental work on their own.

Well, I am going to let you go now and make your goal map and plan. I will be back asap to share my routine and my ideas for a ballet home workout space!



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Home Workout Ideas!

Here are a few video ideas to get some ideas for your workout~improve your feet or your turnout! Visit my Ballet Videos page or my ebook page for more home aids for conditioning and learning.

Creating a home workout is one of my most compelling year-round goals. If I can put together an effective 30- 45 minute routine that hits all target areas of stretch or strength, my world will be happier!
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4 thoughts on “First Steps of Your Home Workout for Dancers!

  1. My goal this year is to improve at turns – right now I’m between constistent single turns and the occasional double. But, my flooring at home isn’t very conducive to practice – I have slick laminate (which is too slippery) or carpet, and on carpet it takes too much force to get more than about a 3/4 or full turn, and I risk bad habits and throwing myself off balance. I’m a serious adult male taking two classes a week, and I am fairly tall and have a high center of gravity, so turns have been difficult and they are the only thing I worry about from class to class. I plan to practice 1/2 turns on the carpet with solid timing and form, and then lots of promenades, rond de jambe in center, and single leg plie/releves in retire, attitude, and a la seconde, trying to hold balance each time. I was wondering if there are other drills and exercises I could do at home to be able to help my chances at gettting double and triple turns eventually?

  2. HI Andy,
    Thanks for joining us and commenting!

    I feel that pirouettes can be improved by proper use of arms, core and a strong coordinated relevé. Promenades in retiré are a great way to improve the position and solidity of the standing leg. Good idea! Be careful turning on a carpet. (One time my toe stayed one way and my foot went the other way on a carpet– ouch!).

    I have written two posts on the blog that are shown on this page:

    I hope they may be of help to you! Best wishes, Sarah

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