All dancers fear failure.


Dancers fear…

dancers fear

All dancers fear. Usually, it is fear of failure.

We are afraid that we won’t make it. “It” can be that audition, job or the next class level. Maybe it is that double pirouette or getting en pointe! Or is it just starting a ballet class? Perhaps you started late and you fear that your body won’t stretch enough for the balletic line.

Or is it frustration and lack of solutions!

  • Or just simply– “I am not progressing fast enough to the level that I want. I feel like I am playing catch-up or– I am standing still as others pass me by.”
  • Some adults do not know where they fit in at a studio. Their teacher may not understand the needs of an adult dancer or there are just not enough levels.
  • I bet you crave more feedback, solutions or just attention.
  • A dancer needs a mentor to succeed. Do you have one?
  • Even though you are passionate about ballet and detail-oriented, it is not coming together fast enough. Sometimes dancers can feel alone even though their class is full of people.
  • Try not to think yourself into the corner. We have all been there– even your teachers!

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Try not think yourself into the corner.
Fear holds you back as it eats away at your focus, confidence and solutions do not appear readily. Click To Tweet

As a former dancer who was an extremely late starter, I know about fear and frustration.

However, I also know that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention” because I searched for efficient ways to improve my own technique so that I could become a dancer. Through difficult situations, we become inspired to find ingenious solutions.

Most ballet teachers are challenged to invent creative solutions to help their students to improve. We must always evolve along with the technique in order to dancers fearsharpen our skills. No longer is teaching a ballet class good enough. Teachers now are faced with the same challenges that I had as a dancer. The necessity now is creative and ingenious solutions that can accelerate your progress.

One solution

The class videos in “The Ballet Toolbox” are not just classes that you follow along. They are traditional, but they also supply new ideas to technique issues. Floor Barre videos offer conditioning exercises specifically chosen for their ability to help dancers with typical weaknesses.   free ballet guide

For years now, outside ballet conditioning has been the trend and solution borne of “necessity” so that dancers can accomplish higher technical demands of today’s art. The accompanying pdf’s are helpful as well for different stages of your training.


Our common ground is passion

My passion for classical ballet has now spanned several generations. It is hard to believe that I began dancing almost 50 years ago! Things have changed but not my passion. I am sure we share that.

Wishing you passion in your daily life & in your ballet classes!


p.s. don’t be intimidated or fearful about your ballet classes, prepare on your own and you might surprise yourself!

Late starters must work hardLearn about my Late Starter journey here and my downloadable ballet classes. Develop your confidence and know-how on your own!


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