Beginning pointe video~ first exercises

Beginning pointe video and exercises

beginning pointe video


No matter how long you have danced, starting pointe is like starting over! It is its own technique and approach. The shoes are hard and feel like foreign objects on your feet. There is no 1/2 toe even though you are told to “roll through” the shoe. I remember joking about this as a teenager.

“Why did we want to go en pointe? It feels like a vise grip on my feet!”.

The lure of that ever desirable satin slipper never loses its attraction to girls.  it is not only a worthy goal but a feminine ideal. In fact, pointe started as a means to idealized femininity.

beginning pointe video
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Beginning pointe video

My beginning pointe video will give you some first steps towards understanding the mechanics of  your shoe and feet. Dancers need to know how to break in their shoes and appropriate exercises.

Breaking in shoes

As I have said before, it is best to let the shoe warm to your feet when you are just starting pointe rather than take extreme measures to break them in. Also just walking around your house or the studio on demi-pointe is helpful as well.

New YouTube series

I have started a new playlist series on YouTube called “Beginning Pointe”.

Here is Beginning Pointe #1  and in an upcoming post I will feature Beginning Pointe video #2! I am always open to what you would like to see next en pointe or in general. Please comment below with suggestions.

Click on pic for a beginning pointe video that is a first of a series on my YouTube Channel and blog!

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