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Welcome to my online ballet video courses!

Here is a sample~

Purpose of ballet video courses:

I hope by sharing instructional ballet videos that learning classical ballet will be more accessible to you.  The purpose of my blog is to  share my knowledge and experience with you. However, I do not believe that ballet class videos should replace ballet training but should be used as a supplementary learning tool. Frankly, sometimes we may have to miss class and having an online class series available can be very helpful.

Private lessons are not accessible to everyone. I find it is the setting where my students really grasp the concepts the most quickly. The ATTENTION is tailored to their body, mind and spirit. I mention this because most of my videos has been inspired and directed by my private lessons with various students. They are constantly challenging me and vice versa.

 I am excited to share my work with all of you too!

Who will benefit from these courses?

  • late-starters in ballet
  • adult ballet students
  • pre-pointe students
  • beginning pointe students
  • beginning ballet students of any age
  • ballet teachers
  • intermediate pointe students
  • any dancer pressed for time and convenience

What can I learn from these ballet videos?

All my ballet tip videos are designed to aid in your understanding of difficult topics like:

  • turnout
  • foot strength
  • barre steps
  • center steps
  • pointe work
  • ballet conditioning
  • flexibility
  • jumps
  • turns
  • ballet vocabulary and concepts

Can I purchase the videos à la carte?

Yes, you can buy the ballet videos individually. Prices will range from $15-20 each. The course packages are less expensive overall but not everyone may need the course.

Intermediate Pointe Pirouette Class
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Ballet video sites

Soon I will offer more classes:

Beginning Ballet, Jump Higher! and Beginning Ballet 2  Class.

Each ballet video has additional never – seen – before ballet tips.

Ballet Floor Barre 1 will be included in the Beginning Ballet Course. Ballet Floor Barre 2 will be included in the Beginning Ballet Class 2 and all Pointe courses.

These are videos will be available to purchase and watch as many times as you wish! The price is extremely reasonable considering that you can watch or take the class as many times as you wish, in the convenience of your home or studio.

Nationwide, studio ballet class prices run from $16-20. My private coaching is much higher per hour.  I recommend repeating each class at least six times before progressing onto another class. The course includes online assistance as I will answer your technique questions via e-mail and if appropriate in our private Facebook group.

My You Tube channel is the second image and is a free video source for quick tips. Click on the images below to take you there.

ballet videos
you tube channel
Visual learners

If you are a visual learner like many dancers, you will find watching dance in action is much easier than reading about it! You can use my blog posts as reinforcement to the videos and vice versa.ballet videos

Enjoy and please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel . Ballet videos make it simple!

Read my How to Jump Higher! post on my the new upcoming Jump! series.


Thanks as always for stopping by!


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Ballet Floor Barre Videos

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Ballet Floor Barre Videos made for any level. A ballet floor barre that builds from a warm-up to a sequence that includes flexibility, strength, and control. Designed for any level ballet student, it can be done in part and build up to the full routine. It can be used not only for improving your technique but also to get in shape or maintain technique. I love that you can do this at your own convenience at home or at the studio! Ballet conditioning at your fingertips to improve at your own rate. 16-17 minutes long Narrated by ballet teacher, Sarah Arnold Demonstrated by professional dancers and teachers, Nicole Cunha and Alyse Romano

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