The Ballet Toolbox Ballet Video Program Opens 10/19!

Ballet Video programBallet Video Program

What can you expect from a ballet video program?

  • Learn the “How & Why” of technique

    Ballet Video Program
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  • Not just another class that you follow online.
  • A class that provides valuable information to improve.
  • A resource that can be watched over & over again!

What’s included in this program for VIP’S:

  1. Beginning Pointe Class–only available with this course
  2. Ballet Conditioning Workout with mini-bands–only available with this course
  3. All current videos from your Beginning or Intermediate ballet class levels
  4. Bluebird Ballet pointe variation video
  5. My e-book “Get Strong & Beautiful Ballet Feet”
  6. Floor Barres 1 & 2
  7. New helpful pdf’s– vocabulary,  how to approach the splits, pointe requirements,  tips for learning combinations, improve extension and unlimited access to my free library!
  • VIP special discount for anyone that has purchased a video or my book prior to this program– for 48 hours only, October 19 – 21 only. 
  • VIP discount coupon to apply October 19 – 21 only. 
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Sarah Arnold, your online ballet instructor

  • Former professional ballet dancer
  • Ballet teacher for 30+ years
  • Former Director of professional ballet academy
  • Teaching is my passion
  • I want you to solve your ballet problems
  • Detail-oriented problem solver
  • As a late starter, I was motivated to learn and improve quickly
  • I am accessible online through a private Facebook group just for this course!
  • I am a Ballet Coach
  • I teach Intermediate – preprofessional levels of ballet including adult student

Improvement in any skill is always self-motivated.

The Ballet Toolbox includes pdfs and videos for beginning and intermediate ballet levels, floor barres + new  Improve Your Jumps!, Mini Band Workout and Beginning Pointe + secret opp to be revealed!  A limited amount of VIP spots are open for my subscribers.

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