The “T-stretch” Ballet Conditioning Exercises

The T stretch

 I have compiled a treasure trove of ballet conditioning exercises over my thirty years of teaching.

I will share some of them with you on this page.

I have a few conditions that apply to any exercise that I teach.

  • must be easy to understand
  • have real results
  •  be uncomplicated.

The T-stretch is one of my favorites.

This stretch is excellent for a pre class warm-up. Also it is a good choice for post class after you have used your rotators in class.

As you can see the student in the photo above is sitting with her knees crossed on top of each other. The feet ideally make a straight line, forming the top of the “T”. You should feel it in the back of your hips as it stretches your rotators. Sometimes, students feel it in different areas. Keep in mind, that like most stretches; you may feel the stretch in your tightest areas first.

Be gentle and breathe!

  1. If you can make this position easily, take your arms forward in an outstretched V.
  2. If this is not easy, just maintain the position about 30 seconds.
  3. If this is not possible, do the modified T-stretch.
  4. View the video below at .59 to see the T-stretch in action!


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