Ballet Book Reviews Dancer’s Guide to Strong & Beautiful Feet.

Ballet book reviews
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Read the ballet book reviews below from Amazon! My  book “Get Strong & Beautiful Feet” is available here as well. Just click on this link to purchase.  It is an instant pdf download and available immediately!

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Please feel welcome to share this post and link with anyone who might benefit from improving their “ballet” feet! It has helped me and my students so much in their study of classical dance. For teachers, this is a wonderful reference and asset for your students. My students print the pdf and carry it in their dance bag. Together we practice and perfect different exercises tailored to their needs.

Ballet Book Reviews

Dancer's Guide to Strong & Beautiful Feet. Amazon e-book!
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What people are saying ~ Amazon reviews

Amazon ballet book
What people are saying…

5.0 out of 5 stars

“As a former soloist and now an adult recreational ballerina …

“As a former soloist and now an adult recreational ballerina, I wish this had been around when I was first learning pointe. And as a medical professional, the way Sarah is able to explain complex anatomical and physiological issues to the lay person is impressive. Even reviewing the book, I learned a few more ideas to add to my routine— which I never expected after all this time.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend this book to my dancers and you!

Jam packed with exercises to Strengthen and Stretch your feet and arches for Dance, Gymnastics and Swimming. Explanations are detailed and very clear and concise with links to videos for you to learn more. I highly recommend this book to my dancers and you!

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Sensible, Well Informed Approach to Dance Training

“As a former dancer and now dance teacher I think this books is a very valuable resource as it’s an informed, no nonsense approach to strong and beautiful feet. This is so needed to counter all the YouTube clips of hypermobile dancers performing unnecessary and dangerous tricks and stunts and encouraging others to follow suit. Instead Sarah provides safe, sensible and well thought out advice and exercises. This is a must have for dancers and teachers alike!”

“I’m a ballet instructor at Auburn Childrens Dance Theater in Washington. I have been thoroughly impressed with this ebook and would thoroughly recommend it to all my pointe students, not just beginners. It is packed full of safe exercises and video links for home practice that leave nothing to guesswork. This book is going to get a lot of use and I’ll be looking out for more publications from this author.” 

“Sarah Arnold’s book is an excellent collection of simple yet effective exercises for strengthening and improving dancers’ feet. Her focus on understanding the body and encouraging dancers to take time to develop their proprioceptive awareness is excellent. The videos are clear and easy to follow. They make this a valuable resource for teachers and an easy to use guide for students. Ms. Arnold stresses careful practice, not a quick fix, to develop strong muscles in the feet.” 

Laura Donnelly, Dancing with Ease

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By Ting Rao on August 16, 2016

Very informative, loads of useful tips for building up strength and flexibility of the foot. And I love the idea of eBook which allows you to follow the videos and practice at home. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their dancing technique.
on September 25, 2016
Great information in a user friendly format.
on July 25, 2016
Wow! What an awesome book for ballet students and teachers. This contains so much valuable information and pointers. I highly recommend!
” I’ve been reading your book and putting into practice what I read.  It is well written, thoughtful, informative, full of easy to follow instructions and good advice. I’d give it 5 out 5 Fouettés or 5 out of 5 Pirouettes if such scales existed.
Well done!”
Kevin Tuohy

More about the author: Sarah Arnold

E-book for strong and beautiful ballet feet!

Free Audio Book– abbreviated version by Lisa McGinnes

Lisa, a member of the Accidental Artist Community, is a freelance audio book narrator/voiceover artist, writer and public relations consultant who works in her home studio in sunny Florida. She danced in childhood and college and now studies adult ballet just for fun.

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful and informative ballet book reviews! I appreciate you all so much~ Sarah

Thank you!
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