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Sarah The Ballet Teacher
Sarah at Paris Opera Ballet.
The Ballet Teacher

I am a ballet teacher. My goal is to enable  dancers  to reach their potential through helpful ballet tips.

Like most people who love ballet, I live it 24/7. To me, there are no work days. I am truly blessed to have found my “bliss” in life through classical ballet.

I write a ballet post about once a week and include round ups of my favorite tips and videos in my monthly newsletter. Please join me in my exploration of what makes ballet so inspiring!

Ballet Teacher Tips
Ballet Teacher Tips
I have compiled this page with some of my favorite resources for your study and appreciation of classical ballet.

“..this loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation of life or abstraction from life; it is life itself.”

Havelock Ellis from “The Dance of Life” 1923

More tips from a Ballet Teacher

How to enhance your turnout and bow legged line in parallel & rotated positions–

1) read this excellent article by Lisa Howell

Being bow legged in ballet

Read this inspiring article published in 2015!

Why I dance– Paloma Herrera

More ballet tips posts:

Set your goals as a dancer!

Four Week Ballet Habit~ improve your technique!

More foot work~ with a ball for more challenge

Essential foot series #2

More about Sarah

Interview with the Adult Ballerina Project

Another video, this one is in rehearsal with Monica Mason coaching a dancer in the role of Myrtha in “Giselle”. What I love about this one is not only the artistic input, but as classroom dancers you see the importance of seemingly steps on stage. For example: bouree, walking , turning, temps lie and a promenade in arabesque.

Giselle in rehearsal Monica Mason coaches “Myrtha” The Royal Ballet


I have also created a Ballet Resource page and add to it as I go :). Please check it out!

Ballet Resource Page

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