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Ballet Resource Page
Ballet Resource Page

Ballet Resources

Hi there!

I will add  gradually to this Ballet Resource page as I find noteworthy content for your benefit and enjoyment.

En pointe
En pointe

The Scottish Ballet published a series of ballet “workouts” in 2012. As I start the ballet school year, I feel the best place to start with every and any level is your “center”. All your technique emanates from your center and is enhanced by not only core work, but movement that challenges it.

Below is an interesting and inspiring mini workout for your port de bras that definitely challenges your core! “Core de Ballet”.

For your port de bras and core!

Check back often for more ballet resources~

The Ballet Class barre work ballet resource
The Ballet Class barre work- for Accident Artist Members! 






Just starting back to ballet?

Remember these three simple tips:

Golden rules for port de bras
  1. The hands should never cross the center line of the body.
  2. The arms should never move to or be held in a position behind the ears. I tell my students to keep their elbows slightly in front of their leotard side seam while in the arms are in seconde.
  3. In any arabesque, the shoulder of the front arm is never lower than the shoulder of the side arm. The back arm is never higher than the front arm.
  4. Brown and ivory women's tulle skirt TutusChic Originals
    Cambre side







Sarah Arnold The Ballet Teacher
Art is passed on from one generation to the next! It always enhances a child’s life.

Regardless of how the arts happen as part of a student’s education, I always see one thing consistently: when students learn through the arts, they flourish in school, in work, and in life. This alone is reason to celebrate this week as National Arts in Education Week.

The arts help kids do well in school and the arts enhance their lives!

Here is a fun QUIZ for everyone who is currently taking ballet or did in the past!

Ballet video quiz!

Ballet Teacher the accidental artist
The Ballet Teacher


Let me know how many you got correct in the comments below. First five to comment will win a special gift!



List of ballet conditioning balls that I recommend and use.

Sarah The Ballet Teacher
Me, The Ballet Teacher

The balls shown below are recommended by me for several ballet exercises in my posts on ballet conditioning: Tools for Ballet Conditioning

Large soft purple ball in upper left:  Large 9″ purple soft ball

Medium and softest spiky ball in yellow:  Yellow soft ball

Green medium Eric Franklin ball:  Newer version of green Franklin ball

Purple peanut (double spiky) ball: Peanut

Small hard green spiky ball: Rubz spiky small green ball

Pink rubber  “Pinky” ball is a toy and I bought at a toy store but many people use it for conditioning: Pinky ball

I left this ball out of the photo because I don’t use it much. Some people love lacrosse balls, but I find them too firm for my body. I do keep one by my bed to roll on my feet when I first wake up though! Mine is blue and I will show it in other posts: Lacrosse ball

Lastly, I love the giant ball which was too big to fit in my shot! That is great for all areas of the body for strength and balance. Find it on this page & order according to your height: Large exercise ball

Tools for Ballet Conditioning balls
Balls for conditioning


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