5 Cheap Pointe Shoe Hacks!

Pointe Shoe Hacks

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These pointe shoe hacks are tips that I have collected from my “time on stage” and from friends who are currently dancing. Every dancer needs some help sometimes saving money!

I am both pleased and annoyed at all the new convenience products for dancers en pointe. Pleased because there is enough of a market or interest in ballet to merit such production. Annoyed because I think sometimes dancers and parents are taken advantage of when there is just a simple solution at home!

Let me share some new and old ideas. You are free to compare and choose what is best for you! Also if you have some ideas, please comment below. If you missed my post on “How to sew & prepare pointe shoes!”, click here.

pointe shoe hacks


Pointe shoe hacks

Sewing your shoes

Are you worried that your thread will not be strong enough to hold your pointe ribbons & elastic? Instead of just doubling your thread, try unwaxed dental floss for .99

  • needle: .50= $1.49
  • Bunheads stitch kit is strong too = $8
Taping your toes
  • Masking tape: .98    55 yards or  Band Aid or Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape for $3.00/10 yards
  • $5 for 60 yards

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Padding your toes   
  • Lambswool: $5.85
  • (Paper towels): almost free!
  • Gel toe pads: $25
Sewing shoe ribbons for stage
  • Needle & thread (already have it)
  • Bunhead knot keepers: $ 6.50


Keeping toes in line for bunion prevention
  1. Foam cosmetic sponges: lifetime supply for $5 or .15 for one wedge cut in 1/2 for both feet!
  2. Bunhead toe spacers: $10 for both feet sew pointe shoes

Total the practical cheap method: $ 8.47

Total the convenience expensive method: $ 62.97

Don’t get me wrong~ Bunheads makes quality products but I am a back to basics personality :). “In the old days”, we used the regular household items.

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Don’t forget to comment below to share your tips, I would love to hear them. I am sure there are many more out there!

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5 Cheap pointe shoe hacks that will save you money! Click on pic to discover these tips.