About me~

A ballet teacher & former dancer.

This page is where you find out stuff about me. But really, it is here for you.

about me The Accidental Artist
Sarah, The Accidental Artist

It is here for you because we cannot get to know each other unless I go first!

I am a former professional ballet dancer and have been teaching ballet for 30+ years. I never thought I would enjoy teaching when I was a dancer. However when I quit dancing, teaching quickly became my newfound passion. The students were eager to learn from this “ballerina” who moved from San Francisco to Idaho. The more I gave to them, they gave it all back. I realized an unknown bridge existed between us. This bridge was a passion for ballet that touches the soul with no apparent reason. Dancers have this inexplicable passion.

I am sure you do too if you are reading this blog.

About me & what happened next… or twenty-five years later.

After directing ballet studios for all those years, I wanted to step back and just teach. At the same time I “re-met” (is that a word?) my past freshman dorm friend from UC Davis at a college reunion. Our long distance relationship evolved into a marriage in 2010.


Our family

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Our little family~

We live in the Silicon Valley with our two swell cats and a big girl poodle that rocks the local scene with her grace and beauty! I have two awesome daughters. Their names are Alexandra and Madeline. They used to dance  but now they prefer hip-hop and martial arts to the ballet barre.

This site is for

  • Dancers who want to improve
  • Ballet teachers who seek ideas for class
  • Late starters in ballet
  • Inquisitive dancers
  • Balletomaniacs
  • My ballet students
  • Your ballet students
  • Ballet teachers
  • Ballet parents
  • Dancers who are passionate about their art
  • A person that enjoys reading about ballet and the process!

Where to start

Under the search bar at the top right of the page, type in any topic that may interest you. For example:

  • Pointe work
  • Dancing at home
  • Ballet products to improve
  • How to get en pointe
  • Injury prevention
  • Stretching
  • Ballet fashion
  • Adult ballet
  • Ballet conditioning
  • Free digital prints
  • How to print digital art
  • Ballet videos
  • Pirouettes
  • Ballet tips

My education

B.A. UC Davis in Psychology and French

After college, I danced in several small professional ballet companies. See my “Are you a late starter?” post.

Ballet Director: Dance Arts Academy, Capital City Ballet Center, Ballet Idaho Academy of Dance, Associate Director Los Gatos Ballet

Teacher training:

Pacific Northwest Ballet, David Howard, Maria Vegh, Finis Jhung, Jurgen Schneider (Vaganova syllabus), Annie Hebard, Lisa Howell (Perfect Form Physiotherapy)

Little known facts

My name is Sarah but aka: “Ms. Sarah” by my students, “Screechie” (by my step-mother), “Sarah Belle” (by my father), “Sarah Anne” (if my mother is stern), “Nana” (by my sweet grand daughter)

  • Favorite color: blush but also happy colors such as yellow and orange
  • Favorite movie: “Gone with the Wind”
  • Favorite food: sourdough french bread and most desserts
  • Best place to relax: any ocean and beach or pool
  • Favorite people: kind people
  • Favorite music: French pop & classical piano pieces (I know predictable, right?)
  • Pastime: vegetable gardening and flower gathering
  • Favorite book: “The Interview with the Vampire” & Gratitude Journal
  • Favorite animals: my pets and really all animals!
  • Age I started ballet: 15
  • Age I started pointe: 15
  • How I got into an overseas ballet company: photo & resumé
  • I lied to get a scholarship at San Francisco Ballet School (I was too old)
  • Favorite flowers: all but especially hydrangeas and roses. Well sunflowers too?
  • Little known fact: I was a team sponsored mountain bike racer 🙂 and member of the Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society
  • I don’t like to write. It is tough to make sense to others! But I did write a book.
Free ballet foot book
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New ballet tips are shared often in my blog posts which are similar to a mini ballet lesson! Most of the time, I will create a complimentary video to accompany the post. I encourage you to comment on any post and  I will personally answer your questions. As always, I welcome your suggestions. Keep in touch on Instagram with the hashtag #ballet tips!

How do I get to know about you?

There are 2-3 ways to share in this community. One is by commenting on blog posts, subscribe to my newsletter or join one of my several Facebook groups. We cannot be a “community” if we do not participate. It is not a requirement, just an offering!

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