Impromptu Ballet Barre Workout. Follow Along!

Ballet Barre Workout!

ballet barre workout

After teaching last Sunday, I decided to an impromptu ballet barre! Join me in the studio as we progress through all the barre basics. Plié, tendu, degagé, rond de jambe, frappé, fondu, grand battement. Stay tuned for my pre-barre warm-up!


  1. If you want to be repeat the combination, pause and do the other side. I only show one side in the video. (Good way to test your memory skills!)

2. The remote was not working, so that is why I miss part of the introduction at times.

3. If you notice changes during the combination, well that is part of the spontaneity and what I mean by “impromptu”!

I did get a good workout from this barre but it was really was just some fun and off the top of my head.

Comment below if you would like me to choreograph and set any particular types of barre.

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